Week 13: Kubernetes 101, Dark Souls, and Circe

  • ⚓️ I held a Kubernetes 101 workshop with my colleague Simon, it was good! We’ve held the course a few times now and I really enjoy teaching Kubernetes basics.
  • 🗡️ I’ve played some more Dark Souls 2 and I’m really digging it!
  • 🏺 I took some time to finish reading Circe, and I’m totally in awe. It’s a real page turner and so beautifully written! (I’m also completely in love with the witch aesthetic and the herbalism of Circe 🧙‍♀️)
  • 🤧 I’m still – or again? – sick and it sucks. It makes everything unnecessarily more complicated, and I’m really tired of it. C’mon body, do ur job!
  • 🧘 I’ve been doing some reflecting and I came to the conclusion that I need to spent my (free) time differently again. I’m spending too much time in front of screens and with the weather getting better I need to be out more – spring can’t come fast enough!

I guess that’s it. See you some other week 🙂


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