Late-night last minute programming and Futurama in the hotel

Week 16: Travels, old books, and gifts!

  • πŸš‚ Monday and Tuesday I spent in cologne, attending a in-person review of all teams at congstar. I built a little tool to visualise our Kubernetes cluster as a pixel town, and people liked it!
  • πŸ“š As I didn’t wanna pack a big book, I took Utopia by Sir Thomas More out of our bookshelf and started reading it on the train. I’ve heard references to this book from various authors, among them Aldous Huxley, and wanted to read it for a while now. What I didn’t knew: The book was written in 1516, and coined the term Utopia.
  • 🎁 Speaking of big books: My colleague Ansgar gifted me his copy of the Foundation triology after reading in last weeks notes that I thought about buying it – how awesome is that?! Thanks again!
  • 🍫 I ate an entire big Ritter Sport and it was a mistake. Hope future-me won’t do it again

Below are a few photos from the two days in cologne. We went form some pizza at L’Osteria with the team which was nice, ate some Ramen at Takumi and I had some very good vegan Currywurst at Weltmeister.


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