Week 22: Gegend



  • Just discovered “Gegend” by Frankfurt-based rapper UG LU. Somehow completely missed this release last month, but now it’s on-repeat! https://youtu.be/YemS5dyvYG8?si=EGR22btgFNQm4OwN
  • Still waiting to hear from Tapefabrik – I applied for a Photography gig and hope to get a chance to take photos. Eager to try a mix of analog and digital!
  • I plan to take some street portraits at CSD Wiesbaden at the end of May. I’ve always wanted to take street portraits, and I also always wanted to take more pictures at CSD – perfect opportunity! Already got some film stored away which I want to use.
  • on Wednesday we had BBQ with friends and I took my analog camera with me. Already excited to get the photos developed!
  • From Thursday on I got really sick, like β€žsleep 18hβ€œ type sick.
  • Since I was being sick and stayed home & away from the family I spent Saturday playing Jedi: Survivor all day. I enjoy the game so far and look forward to playing more! (Also really need to catch-up on all the Star Wars stuff what was released in the last years!)


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