Week 21: Kubernetes!

  • My colleague Simon and me held the Kubernetes 101 workshop again and I really enjoyed it. It’s always fun to teach Kubernetes, and I’m looking forward to the next trainings.
  • I’ve been reading a lot of blogposts and news and I still want a way to share these links. I sometime post “RE:”-type blogposts if I want to add a comment, but I’d generally like to just share links. I think I’ll need to add some custom post type which requires coding PHP – meh
  • I continued playing Diablo 4 and I’m very much liking it
  • The wife and I finished our 100th game of Cascadia. She won 64 times, and I won 44 times (on draw each of us got a point which is why we’re above 100 points). This game has become the biggest obsession since Dominion.
  • I finally started reading β€žThinking, fast and slowβ€œ after owning it for years. It’s good so far!


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