24HourProject 2022

The 24HourProject is a global photography event where photographers publish one photo every hour to document the world around us and raise awareness for climate change.

My friend Marian (@m.von.d on Instagram) was the Organiser and Ambassador for Frankfurt so I joined in and prepared for a day of photography in Frankfurt, excited for both the challenge and new friends to meet along the way.

Sadly I got sick and couldn’t make it to Frankfurt. Nonetheless I tried to take some photos during the day with my phone and a few with my Canon 1000D and a Konica lens.

Here are the pictures I took:

I hope I’ll be able to join in 2023, the results from the Frankfurt group are awesome and I’m really sad I missed the fun they had along the way.

The Frankfurt group consisted of the following people, check the links to see their photos.

And now some photos from the others 🙂


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