The day my camera skipped half a roll

It’s a sunny cloudy day and I’ve decided to take a walk through the neighbourhood to get away from my computer screen and finish a roll of film. I already took 18 shots the day before, so with “only” 18 left I felt like I could quite easily finish the roll and develop it the same day.

Excited I roll back the film, take it home, and open it with a can opener. I struggle a bit to get it on the spool, but after a few minute the film is light sealed inside the tank and I can begin mixing my Caffenol developer.

Development is fast and without anything exciting, I agitated the film, rinsed it with water, added the fixer, and then cleaned it with a drop of soap.

When I unrolled the film from the spool I was shocked: Half of the film was black! And even after drying no images showed up. All 18 shots from the first day were lost – apparently my camera didn’t advance the film, as the first frame was an image I took that day, and not the day before.

Well, mistakes happen and I’m bummed, but what can I do? Next time I’ll make sure the film is properly loaded!

Besides the photo above I got three others out of the 16 that were on the roll, which you can find below.

Always taking selfies 🤳


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