Testing yet another Konica FS-1

Some time ago I bought a bundle of untested cameras on eBay that included a Konica Autoreflex TC, a Konica FT-1, and two Konica FS-1 alongside some accessories like flashes and a 35-200mm zoom and macro lens!

When everything arrived I got some batteries and tested the cameras. One of the two FS-1 had a broken battery door. It still works but you’ll have to use a screwdriver to open the door because the lock buttons are lost. The other FS-1 was in seemingly good condition and had a working battery door, it turned on and all shutter times looked plausible – obviously you can’t see if they’re all working correctly, but at least they all fired.

The FT-1 didn’t turn on and I haven’t had the time to look closer, I may just sell it for parts as it’s likely the electronic that’s damaged.

The Konica Autoreflex TC worked smoothly and was in optical good condition so I sold it standalone.

ANYWAY: back to the FS-1, here’s some photos I’ve taken with it using Agfa APX 100 (shot at 200) and developed in Caffenol. The film got scratched, I think it happened in the camera so there’s some stripes on it. All photos can be seen on my Lomography Home in the Album “Konica FS-1 with Agfa APX 100 @ 200“.


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