Revue 6×6 aka Seagull 4a

I didn’t really plan on buying a new camera, but then the Revue 6×6 in seemingly good condition for a decent price was listed on eBay near me. So I contacted the seller, we agreed to meet so I could take a look at the camera and I was very positively surprised! The condition is excellent as far as I could tell, the camera feels very sturdy and well built, and everything that needs to turn turns. Only the shutter is a bit slow, I assume it needs some new lubrication so I’ll see where I can sent it or bring it to have it CLA’d.

Of course I immediately loaded some film and took a few photos on my way home and during the rest of the day. I didn’t manage to develop them the same day so I did it the next day, I’ve never before shot or developed Ilford HP5 Plus, but I’ve deveoped Fomapan 400 and have a bit of Caffenol experience by now, so I felt comfortable developing the film at home. As with all ISO 400 and above films I added 14g of iodized salt to the Caffenol mix, for lower ISO films I usually add 5-10g. This replaces the Potassium bromide (KBr) which is added for higher ISO films.

Shooting 400 ISO film was a bit weird for me, as I usually shoot Agfa APX 100 @ 200 or Fomapan 100 @ 200, so I could shoot with the 1/300s speed even if there was no direct sun.

The camera has speeds ranging from 1s to 1/300s and Bulb, and aperture settings from 3.5 to 22, with the viewfinder lens even being a 2.8 lens.

Here’s images from the first roll of Ilford HP5 Plus film.

I’m super exited to have this camera! I’m especially looking forward to shooting some portraits soon.


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