Week 20: ?

  • Lots of home office this week which I still do not enjoy. Hope to be back at least 4 of 5 days in the office next week!
  • I had my evaluation with a doctor regarding the sleeping mask I’m wearing since January and everything’s looking fine
  • Double-birthday weekend means a lot of being out and little of being lazy and home – I could use some lazy time!
  • next week I’ll hold the Kubernetes 101 workshop at AOE again and I’m looking forward to it – it’s always fun
  • im still reading Utopia but the “second book” is really hard to read since it’s basically a 50ish pages monologue with no pause
  • still haven’t seen Dune and I fear I’ll miss the cinema time if I don’t see it soon 🪱


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  1. @kevin hey! This is a test comment 🙂

    1. Awesome! It seems to work. 😀

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