Using Konica AR lenses on my Canon EOS 1000D

The other day I found a Konica to EOS Adapter on eBay. I’ve wanted one of these for a while but wasn’t able to find one – either new or used, so I jumped on this one and contacted the seller. After a bit of bartering we agreed on 25 euro + shipping costs and he sent it out the same day!

Today it arrived and I immediately put it on my Canon, mounted the 50mm f1.4 Konica lens and and went for a quick photo walk through the neighbourhood.

Overall I’m quite satisfied with the adapter. It fits the camera perfectly, the lens is mounted tightly and feels “native”. The only downside is that the adapter cannot transfer the aperture settings and the camera cannot set the aperture – so the camera always shows f/00 and f/0.0 is stored in the EXIF metadata of the photos.

Here’s some pictures I took, all out of camera and shot in RAW.


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