A rose I found in a trashcan, it's still good. The background is blurry and the rose is sharp

A day at the Südfriedhof

A week ago I packed my Fujifilm X-Pro1 and Revue 6×6 and headed to the Südfriedhof in Wiesbaden, a huge cemetery I’ve wanted to visit since moving to Wiesbaden.

I’ve always liked going to graveyards and enjoying the silence, looking at the different graves and searching for the oldest.

Here are some of the photos, the analog ones are scanned with my Canon EOS 1000D & Sigma 18-200mm lens, and developed in Caffenol as always.

You can find all analog photos on my Lomography page at lomography.de/homes/atarijunge/albums/2417188-a-day-at-the-suedfriedhof

Here are some from the Fujifilm X-Pro1, all taken in black and white using a in-camera preset. All images are straight out of camera with no editing.


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  1. @kevin Pretty. I like cemeteries with vegetation, smaller stones… there's more of a "circle of life" feel…Really like this one in particular https://art.atarijunge.de/2022/12/a-day-at-the-sudfriedhof/#jp-carousel-1356

    1. Thank you Ana! I like that one as well, even if it is a bit blurry. I’ll definitely go back there and take some more photos. 🙂

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