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this is my personal website with blog posts, photography, and sometimes art.

Here’s a picture of me, you can read more about me if you wish.

Me with my self-made mask. You should make one, too!

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Keychron K2

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The Keychron K2

Yesterday I got my Keychron K2 keyboard! It’s my first time getting a mechanical keyboard and also the first time using an ANSI layout instead of the german ISO layout. It’s also the first time using such a small keyboard so I’ll need to get used to the position of keys again, especially since I am not typing with 10 fingers (tho I should really learn to!). I’ll need a few weeks before I can give a review but so far I am very happy.

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self portrait

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50mm self-portrait, free-hand while holding the camera

The other day I had to wait for some code to deploy so I grabbed my camera and took a few self portraits. I actually liked this one a lot, even if it’s a bit too close. Shot with my old Canon EOS 1000D and 50mm/f1.8 lense. I was very surprised by the quality of this image. I usually don’t use my Canon EOS 1000D much because images tent to have a lot of noise and too much red - which is fine since I’ve taken probably close to 100.

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