Kevin Gimbel is a DevOps Engineer working at Synoa GmbH. This is his website and writing in third person is awkward.

Hello and welcome,

this is my personal website with blog posts, photography, and sometimes (pixel) art. Here’s a picture of me, you can read more about me if you wish.

Me looking like I'm working but I'm actually playing HackNet.

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Random Theme

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I’ve decided to add some randomness to this website! You may noticed that the two main colors change on every page reload - there’s a fixed number of “themes” available and they change at random. To accomplish this I used the following JavaScript. (function(window, document, undefined) { let theme = window.localStorage.getItem("kgde_theme"); console.log(theme); if (theme) { var [colorMain, colorSecondary] = JSON.parse(theme).colors; = `--color-main:${colorMain};--color-secondary:${colorSecondary}`; } else { // [dark-color, light-color] // Color combinations taken from https://botsin.

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Fujifilm X30

Published on

Close-up of Fujifilm X30 camera taken with an iPhone 7

A picture of my Fujifilm X30, taken with an iPhone in low light and not edited. I kinda liked the result. Right now the Fujifilm X30 is my main camera which I try to carry with me at all times. It’s a great camera for quick snapshots and day-to-day photography. I’m thinking about getting another camera with switchable lenses, but I cannot decide on one. It’ll probably be either a Fujifilm X-T2 or Canon EOS 5D Mark 2 - right now I have a strong preference for the Fujifilm.

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